Children of God for Life CANADA is one of the LIFE, TRUTH, AND UNITY ministries under the direction of Lorelle Baptiste, which operates under the umbrella of the Baptiste Family Ministries co-founded by Lorelle Baptiste and her husband Peter William John Baptiste SFO ( Founder and Director of Donum Veritatis- The Gift of Truth Ministries and Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! )

MMR Vaccine

Children of God for Life CANADA is affiliated with the American organization of the same name which is the “Pro-Life World Leader in the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines, Medicines, and Consumer Products,”  which organized the successful boycott of Pepsi Co. for using aborted human fetal-age baby parts in product testing (through American company Senomyx).  In Spring 2014 Lorelle received permission from Children of God for Life in the USA to found a Canadian Affiliate raising awareness in Canada of what Lorelle calls “consumer cannibalism,” the use of aborted fetal-age human baby parts in research and in product development and product testing, degrading human life in similar manner to how the Nazis did. The Nazis experimented with making products from the human corpses of those Jewish humans they had legally devalued and then killed in the millions, such as “leather” lampshades and painting canvases made from Jewish human skin.  After similarly legally devaluing preborn humans and similarly killing them in the millions, our democracies have similarly, like the Nazis started making products from the corpses of killed humans whose human rights were similarly legally defined away.  The only difference is that because of losing World War II the Nazis did not have time to create a big-money industry profiting greatly from killing legally devalued humans and selling products made with them.  This aspect of the Abortion Industry and those industries it supplies is closer to the Slave Trade, which was also highly profitable by denying some humans their human rights –the Slave Trade which was also protected by the government for a long time because of how profitable it was to not treat every human without exception as equally precious, even though only this is the historical and logical foundation of human rights and democratic freedoms for everybody.

So Lorelle Baptiste and Children of God for Life CANADA are raising awareness of the similar severe degradation of human life in the similar big-money abortion industry which similarly kills humans and sells the human corpses for research and development of health, beauty and food industry products including many common vaccines made from aborted fetal-age human cell-lines.  Some try to claim these aborted human fetal “by-products” are not “actual” aborted baby cells, which is misleading because they ARE actual HUMAN cells grown FROM actual still-living cells of the aborted baby instead of growing into a bigger baby, and the unique human DNA of the killed baby remains in the vaccines and (although the vaccines would remain morally reprehensible even if they were completely safe) an increasing number of recent studies show this poses health risks to children who take the vaccines — such as the 2014 study Impact of Environmental Factors on the Prevalence of Autistic Disorder after 1979, published September 2014 in the Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, available on the Academic Journals website at: .

Note that political pressure to protect the profit margin of the abortion industry (reminiscent of how the profitable Slave Trade was long protected by government) and pressure to protect the profits of the “Big Pharmaceutical” vaccine industry even at the expense of kids’ health apparently makes mainstream media still repeatedly report that the 1998 study which initially drew the connection between aborted fetal-age-human-cell-line vaccines and autism was discredited, while completely ignoring the several more recent independent scientific studies which draw the same conclusions, and pretend that somehow vaccines have been “proven” safe when in fact, as neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock writes, “the science is not settled.”  Even if the vaccines were proven safe, it is democratically irresponsible that these vaccines and other controversial products (like skin creams) are made and other controversial things are done with aborted fetal-age human remains without informing the public and Lorelle Baptiste further conducts interviews with government and government-regulated departments, organizations, and schools to uncover the web of anti-democratic pressure and misinformation concerning these and promote Truth, Disclosure, and Accountability.


Other initiatives of Lorelle Baptiste’s LIFE, TRUTH, AND UNITY ministries in development include the Taxpayers’ Accountability Centre; God’s House: BabyLand; the Canadian Prayer Tithe, and more.  As these initiatives develop updates will be posted to this website.

All of Lorelle Baptiste’s Life, Truth, and Unity ministries support the “Pro-Life 2.0” initiative jointly launched by Lorelle and Peter William John Baptiste, the primary ministry and website of which is Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, on the Internet at

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