God’s House: BabyLand

More Than Orphanages!

Lorelle Baptiste has had a wonderful practical idea for establishing in every city “God’s House: BabyLand” as precious-human-life-affirming orphanages as an alternative to abortion.  The idea has been developed with and expressed with her husband Peter William John Baptiste SFO in the following words:

Humans are being legally killed (young by abortion, old by euthanasia) because their human lives are seen as a burden not as a gift — and this “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” legal human-killing denies the simple maxim killing humans is wrong and precludes any legally recognized Inherent Human Right to Live, which is the historical and logical foundation of all human rights and democratic freedoms — and this is why Western democracies are today seriously threatened by “Creeping Totalitarianism” which has been building since the de-criminalization of abortion returned Western countries to the “Pro-Choice-to-Kill-Humans” conditions which were normal back before the West adopted Christianity and its “Pro-Life” principles — back before human rights were ever dreamed of, and before their Christian and “Pro-Life” foundations were laid.

The solution to “Creeping Totalitarianism” is to build a society that thinks of humans as always precious and always worth taking care of – traditional Christian values (underlying democracy) which have been eroded.  Peter William’s treatise The Education Necessary to Preserve Democracy Now Under Attack gives even Pro-Choicers a “selfish” reason to become Pro-Life – their own human rights and freedoms in the long run depend on it!  But if we succeed (as we WILL with God’s help) in re-criminalizing abortion for the sake of everybody’s long-term human rights and democratic freedoms, we still need to have a PLAN starting now of how to deal with unwanted humans that affirms their equal human preciousness (which democratic societies are grounded in) and gives them a loving environment to grow up in.  To greatly reduce the number of unwanted precious humans we have to first of all promote the traditional Christian sexual ethic of responsible, mature sex (which naturally generates precious humans) reserved for lifetime-committed loving marriage and family life (naturally giving the humans produced a stable and caring family environment which is the building block of stable caring societies – and giving individuals the best chance at mature love and happiness in life!  Note it shouldn’t be a “right” to stay sexually immature and irresponsible with the process that generates humans if human life is precious, as democracy assumes, and certainly the current “right to kill” the unwanted humans produced by irresponsible sex by abortion is fundamentally anti-human and therefore fundamentally anti-democratic – and literally undermining our whole free and democratic way of life).  “Adoption as the loving option” has to be promoted now and has to continue once the unloving option of abortion is re-criminalized.  But there will still be “leftover” unwanted human babies and as the initiative that can start now to deal with this Lorelle has proposed God’s House: BabyLand BECAUSE every human life is precious, every human life needs a place to learn they are precious and to live their precious human life.  We (Lorelle and Peter William Baptiste) are still developing these ideas, but perhaps similar to L’Arche communities where the mentally handicapped and their caregivers live together in mutual value-affirming community, so-called “unwanted” children can live in community with at least some of their caregivers (who are supplemented with part-time volunteers) who raise them in a loving and life-affirming environment at least until they get adopted.  But unlike a traditional orphanage where (if not by design) those who are not adopted have failed to find a family and feel like failures, there are no unwanted human beings in “God’s House” because while adoptions are facilitated there the main purpose is not adoption but rather to, within loving human community, ground human children in their supreme human value and worth to God so they reach a mature adulthood confident of their value and capable of mature love WHETHER THEY ARE EVENTUALLY ADOPTED OR NOT.  To get the first such God’s House started, Lorelle would like to start a special account fund just for BabyLand raising money $1 at a time.  If every Canadian gave $1 to make a home/acreage for the unwanted babies to have a home to grow up in where even if they are not adopted, they explicitly learn from loving volunteers the supreme and equal value of every human life without exception and how humans can live in community taking care of each other (like a L’Arche Community), how many such houses could we start?  She suggests when she raises the first million, the first God’s House will open (she’d like at least 13, one in each Canadian Province/territory eventually — ideally in every city — and these could be a model for other countries).  “Loonie Banks” at Church functions, bazaars, fairs, (maybe the Calgary Stampede?) for God’s House: BabyLand could sprout up all over the place if the idea catches on.  Lorelle is mentioning this idea now because she wants to see if it strikes anyone to volunteer to start a Loonie Bank Fund in their own community area, and she wants to see if there are those who (now we’ve got you thinking about it) might later be interested in donating land or skills to build the homes, or fill the homes, or volunteer at or to be organizers of these homes celebrating every human life as part of a comprehensive strategy for replacing abortion which (Peter William’s treatise shows) must be abolished for the sake of the long continuance of democracy.

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