Prayer Tithe

Would you like to join the call to stand up for the unborn and Canada and the end of abortion forever Amen?  Then come add your name to a daily prayer commitment of praying the first three Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, or the Divine Mercy or the Eastern Christian Byzantine Rosary (Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Living God have mercy on ME a sinner and my Nation of Sinners – 100x) for the ability for our country by God’s grace to imitate what the glorious mysteries contain and obtain what THEY PROMISE through Christ our Lord , namely to , through Jesus’s Resurrection from the dead, Ascension into heaven and the Descent of the Holy SPirit, that Jesus may raise Canada from the culture of death and end abortion, euthanasia, laws of Heresy and abominations , that Jesus will Ascend over Canada and pour His grace into our hearts minds and souls of stone back to flesh again to honour only him, and that Jesus will like Pentecost descend the holy spirit on Canada and renew the face of the earth.   (The main prayer is three decade for the Trinity, but those who are able to do all five Glorious mysteries daily over time , when I am able I offer the fourth mystery of Mary’s Assumption into heaven to ask Mary to pray that God will allow her the grace to assume Canada’s grace since into heaven to pour the blood of her son Jesus over and disengrate them forever and the fifth mystery to pray that Mary will pray for Canada’s crown and each of ours that Mary and the saints may wash them fix them shine them complete them and intercede that we all and Canada may not miss gathering one Jewel on them. I offer the entire rosary or other two prayer if one likes for end of abortion in Canada and eventually worldwide and the end of aborted fetus cells byproducts re: for the burying of the dead, especially the babies.  And I often pray   for the healing of the babies, for the souls of the abortionists and the babies parents, for prolifers and that God will give them the words and hearts to love tenfold especially their and the babies greatest enemies.  My son also came up with the prayer to pray after each bead “SAVE THE BABIES FROM DYING , SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM HELL AND END ABORTION FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

And at each decade intro and sometimes on hard days on each bead I pray ….

1st Decade: By your Resurrection :Raise our country from the culture of death O Lord

2nd Decade : Lord Jesus , Come Ascend over our Nation and pour your grace into our hearts O Lord

3rd Decade : Come Holy Spirit Descend upon Canada Response: And Renew the Face of the Earth

Need 4 Million Canadians one for each aborted baby which equals over a 10% payer tithe offering to God of our Canadian Population, Help us answer the call  O Lord.

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2 Responses to Prayer Tithe

  1. Hope Sarah Baptiste plus five kids and my Husband William says:

    count me plus 7 in !!! Way to Go

  2. Lorelle Sarah Baptiste says:

    great ! good ideas and follow through always start with prayer xo

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